Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Next Stop Warwick


Day four


Day 4

And our next 2 nights will be at Warwick.
But before leaving Toowoomba we had a quick stop at their Japanese gardens.

“My bridge,,, pardon me, coming through”

And it wouldn’t be the long run without shed visits, and here is the first shed for the day.



Then we had a stop for a look at Clifton, where the Charger reversed into a parked car. Just as well its built like a tank – although the ladder style rear lights are going to be a challenge to replace.

Day 4 clif

Then it was off for lunch at Glengallan.


We’ve been driving past this place for years – its been in ruins, but its now finally being restored. Its only half a house, it was never completely finished in the first place.
Beautiful sandstone and wrought iron.

Day 4 GG

Then the second shed of the day!

This is a bloke who makes the timber wheels for old cars.


And tonight it is torrential rain and lots of us got soaked getting back from dinner.

scan of post it 001_thumb[3]

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