Sunday, November 1, 2015

Its all about the Shed

Day two

So, Monday and the weather remains clear and fine and its off for our first adventure,
Which was negotiating the Monday morning peak hour traffic in Toowoomba.
In a convoy of old cars.
Its like trying to herd cats. Even with the 'two ways'.


above: the secret to attracting men, open your bonnet…
First stop was the shed of one of the members of the Darling Downs Vintage and Veterans car club. He’s a Holden guy – lovely finish on his cars.


Then morning tea was provided by the club at their very flash club house – they must have lots more $ than us to even have a clubhouse.


Following lunch (where I managed to sit in something red and sticky – tomato sauce? Of course white pants…..),,,,, It was off to the Australian Army Flying Museum at the Oakey airfield.


Another shed… I’ve seen a lot of sheds on these trips, some so so, some fascinating.

Now as a girl, I’m not really into the mechanics of these great flying machines but I find the the history and the inventiveness fantastic.
Flying Machines went from this in 1910…


To this in 1915.. 


And a stop and a push for a bit of an overheated Jag on our way back to Toowoomba.


And dinner at the pub across the road from the Motel…


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