Sunday, November 22, 2015

South Africa ~ Saturday & Sunday ~ Washing & Fog


Saturday: Well, at some point you have to stop and do the washing..

Below: The laundrette next to the tennis courts..


And that was Saturday, morning at the supermarket and afternoon doing the washing. The Chalet looked like a Chinese laundry with clothes hanging everywhere, but at least its warm so it will dry quick.

We also booked some tours for during the week.


Sunday: we thought it would be a chance to see the view from ‘God’s Window’, but it was so foggy we couldn’t see a thing….

But we did stop at some waterfalls..

below is Mac Mac Falls..



And here is the Renault – wee wee.. It only likes you if you speak to it in French, merci beaucoup..


And Graham and me at Mac Mac Pools, which we think is  is their version of the Blue Hole..!



Tomorrow (Monday) we are up at 0330 for our safari to Kruger National Park,,,,


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