Monday, December 20, 2010

My Birthday

 Happy Birthday to me....
These are the flowers sent to me by Sean andEmmy

I am a Christmas baby! AND I am not telling my age!

We had a low key celebration this year with Dinner at Andrews place.

The Vase was a birthday gift from Mum and Dad
You may remember that for Graham's birthday he was given a helicopter flight from everyone - he hasn't done this yet as it has not stopped raining since his birthday in September....

But Lucky me! The family has all pooled their gift money and given me a voucher for my birthday so I can go with him! Woo HOO...

We will have to wait for a fine weekend so we can do this.

Sean & Emmy sent me the lovely flowers on this page and Mum and  Dad  gave me the vase. Its a lovely coincidence that they match soooo well!

Until next time... Kim

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