Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

 Well Christmas day has come and gone for 2010.

Graham and I  spent a quiet, but nice Christmas with family.

Kim and Graham on Christmas Day 2010

The week before Christmas was busy - I've been at work nearly every day, including  two nights,  so I can have some days off over New Years.

I even worked Christmas day from 7am to 3pm -- Someone's got to do it and I felt it was my turn. I wrote this roster so I only have myself to blame and it amuses the other staff that I gave myself  a shocker! The hospital does provide a nice meal for the staff on Christmas day so its nice to eat with the clients and wear silly hats. We always make sure that there are plenty of lollies and other Christmas treats for the clients, traditionally one of the staff even takes some of them out for a drive to see the Christmas lights! 

After work Graham and I headed over to his mothers for Christmas Dinner - Graham's family where up from Sydney - Michael, Gail and Tom. My son Andrew was also in town so he came with us.

A lovely meal was cooked by Vi, who I'm pleased to say was thrilled with the quilt!

Tom and Andrew

It poured rain all afternoon. The creek was flooded by the time we were on our way home, at least the town is on top of a hill and the water drains away quickly. But its not going to take mush rain for the level to be up again as the ground is so sodden.

Boxing Day at our house

But I am looking forward to heading up to Sean and Emmy's this Thursday for a mini holiday. We are taking the doggies and they have two little dogs as well so it will probably be chaos...

until next time .... Kim

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