Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Countdown

Well, its party season and nearly Christmas.. 

I been working full time over the past 5 weeks, being boss while 'she' is away. It has been extremely busy and stressful at work - and the past weeks have probably been the busiest of the year, and I am exhausted! Although I have earned lots of money, which I'm sure the tax man will appreciate...

Whoopee - I've finished my Christmas shopping! I did 95% of it online. 

The first Christmas do was the car club party - much to Graham's shock he was announced as club man of the year. 

Graham and his trophy

Then we actually had a work Christmas outing this year -  we missed out last year as no one felt like organising it. Because the organisation I work for has privacy laws I actually had to gain the permission of the people in this photo before I could publish it. We had a much better time than the glum faces in the photos show! The meal was nice too....

I think we may all be a little tired and emotional due to work stresses!

The house is looking splendid now all the decorations are up. AND yes there are roses and pearls on the Christmas tree.
This is a scented Christmas candle

The tree is a tall skinny one so I can fit it in our limited space

The baubles are nice glass ones I bought online a few years ago

Some of the Harrods Christmas bears have been released into their natural Christmas environment!

I have done hardly any work on quilts - even the binding on Ripe Strawberries has taken me 4 weeks - rather than the 4 evenings it would normally take!

...And, its hardly stopped raining - my lovely garden of a few weeks ago is now mush... but its minor to some areas of Australia that have been flooding -
Alfie has gained 1kg since we adopted him and its looking forward to Santa

Georgie Girl says "don't aim that flashing thing at me..".

Georgie Girl and Alfie are sick of getting their feet wet!

until next time ... Kim

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