Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday– Big Wheels Keep on Turning……

Proud Mary keeps on burning.
Rolling rolling, rolling on the river. 
(Lyrics ‘Proud Mary’ - Ike & Tina Turner)

Classic & Specialist Car Club of Northern NSW - Mystery Run 2012

Part 4 – Roma to Chinchilla

  Today we are heading for Chinchilla.
We stayed at a very plush place last night – the Explorers Inn. Most of the motels in these parts cater for the mining workforce and other trades. Therefore they are high spec and its hard to find accommodation for 34 people.
Our first stop in Roma was the local haberdashery shop.
This was an eye opener – you know that TV show hoarders well the owner of this shop needs to be on that! These are two of the aisles below.
How he does a stocktake I don’t know…
I reckon we need to call in Time Team as there must be stuff buried at the bottom of shelves from the middle ages.
Then onto Miles.
Our next stop was for lunch and an afternoon wandering around the Historical Village.
Above is Thomas’s panel van – I think this pic looks like a 1970’s Coca- Cola commercial.

Above: What can I say?
Lunch was supplied at the Red Rose Cafe.
I took lots of photos of the insides of the shops and the displays but I’ll add them to the photo album which I’ll post at the end of the trip.
And then onto Chinchilla for tonight.
Lots of road works (due to floods?, due to trucks?) and we gave lots of stop/go men a thrill with our classic car convoy. (smile & wave)
BIG WHEELS. Lots of trucks, lots of road trains, utes and 4WDs. The wheels on some trucks are taller than our car!
Most of the truckies are friendly, some make contact on the 2-way and ask about the cars and where we are going.
While we head east we passed lots of heavy equipment travelling west.
Harvesters, excavation things, mining equipment, cattle. Sheds on the back of trucks going somewhere. I guess we passed millions of dollars worth of equipment during the few hours we were on the road.

Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

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