Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday – The Goondiwindi Grey

We’ll miss him that's for certain, now his saddles put aside,
but ‘round our track of mem’ries, ‘Gunsynd’ will always stride.
A-swing round the corner, and then laying back his ears,
The champ from Goondiwindi with the champs of other years
(Lyrics ‘The Goondiwindi Grey’ – Tex Morton 1974)

Classic & Specialist Car Club of Northern NSW - Mystery Run 2012

Part 6 – Goondiwindi

A rest day today in Goondiwindi – with some free time.
But its been hot – 38 degrees.
Most of the group went for a walk along the river.
Some stayed behind to attempt to sort out the car problems of yesterday.
The Jacarandas are stunning.
The bougainvillea and the silky oaks are also in flower.
Then a visit to the towns heritage museum and morning tea.
Then some free time to look around town and visit the Gunsynd museum.
Isn’t this a lovely photo below, with the Jacaranda background.
He was a cheeky fella, a character who loved the crowds and I’m sure he loved having his photo taken as he appears to be smiling in some of them.
Maybe that's why he is still remembered, long after he died.
After lunch it was back with the group for a visit to the Namoi Cotton Gin.
IMG_3031 The cotton harvest is over for the year,
but what a noisy, dirty, hot job this must be when the gin is in full swing.
Graham and I had to go and have a little snooze with the air con after we got back to the motel!
Its hot!
Tonight is out farewell BBQ, held in the hotel carpark.
A gift for Lyn and Mick to thank them for all their hard work.
It was a crocheted Tartan rug made by Jan.

All set for the run home tomorrow.

Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

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