Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday– I Love a Sunburnt Country…..


A land of sweeping plains. Of ragged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons,I love her jewel-sea,

Her beauty and her terror .The wide brown land for me!

(Poem – ‘My Country’ – by Dorothea MacKellar)

Classic & Specialist Car Club of Northern NSW - Mystery Run 2012

Part 2 – Moree to St George

Ah ha, we are off to St George today.


Drove through big expanses of wheat fields and past some very expensive silos and other farming setups. I saw some wild budgies!

The car is running like a little beaut, although the door locks on my side seem to be stuffed.

We stopped at Garah for morning tea and excited the local children who ran down their driveways to wave.

The car convoy is like a little parade, we smile and wave.

Attention seekers!

I think you have to be a very special sort of person to live in these dry and dusty, isolated towns. Or be born here…


We crossed the border and into Queensland.

Then we stopped at ‘One Ton Post’ which they claim is possibly the biggest surveyors peg in the world! It marks the NSW/QLD border.

We were warned that this was a SNAKE infested place – but we didn’t see any snakes. There were SO many BLOWIES that they probably carried the snakes away.

(note to self, been watching too much ‘Miniscule’ on Telly)


We also looked at a ‘Turkeys Nest’ which is how they store water in these usually dry parts.


We are driving through areas that have had BIG floods earlier this year.

But today its HOT and we are sweaty.

We stopped at the Nindigully Pub for lunch (which must be a wild spot on occasions e.g. NYE)


AND, onto St George and a SHED.


We met a lovely man called Rob  who gave us lots of info on a town he loves.

They had just sold off HEAPS of their OLD WRECKS– whoops sorry, CLASSIC PROJECTS!


The town is called St George as the bridge was opened on St Georges Day 1846.

(That's the 23rd April our wedding anniversary – but NOT in 1846!)


We spent a nice afternoon, in the cool of the trees, at the Riversands Vineyard and I bought some wine that I now have to fit in the car somewhere.

(I said I could drink it away! Graham says *humph*)


The vineyards were underwater earlier this year .

They even bottle a ‘Floody Chardy’ (I bought some of that!)

Humm, tastes great – cheers!


Dinner tonight was at the RSL club.

That's Col who’s not got his dinner in this photo, but he did get it eventually.

I think we overwhelmed the tiny RSL kitchen on a Monday night.


Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

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