Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday– Feeling Hot Hot Hot…

my mind's on fire , my soul's on fire
feeling hot hot
hot ,
olay olay olay olay
(Lyrics ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’ – Arrow) 

Classic & Specialist Car Club of Northern NSW - Mystery Run 2012

Part 5 - Chinchilla to Goondiwindi

Traveling onto Goondiwindi and staying there for the next two nights.
Which is good as I think the old cars are getting tired.
Our first stop for the day was the Chinchilla Weir.
Before we got there there was a breakdown in the group.
Gary and Robyn's 1962 Valiant did its radiator.
They turned around with the groups mechanic, Rick,
to see if they could get the problem fixed in Chinchilla.
Above:  we look like a little midget next to the big Chev.
Its hot today, phew…
Morning tea stop was at Condamine. Look at the Prickly Pear growing in the gutter of the shed!
Then onto Glenmorgan and a visit to the Vintage Car Museum.
A nice lunch served in the Glenmorgan Hall by the members of the local car club.
There are lots of dead things on the roads – The usual smelly Roo’s, today we saw two dead foxes and a huge wild pig.
(note to self: when you hear on the 2-way that there is a pig on the road this doesn’t necessarily mean the police are up ahead)
The other day we passed a dog tree, dead wild dogs hanging in a tree.
Yucky, we must be in the outback.
Gary and Robyn and the others caught up with us after lunch.
They couldn’t get the Valiant fixed in Chinchilla, it had been a drama
and it was now on the back of a truck heading to Goondiwindi.
The days car problems were not yet over as the convoy had got just outside Glenmorgan and it was  the 1954 MG Magnets turn to be temperamental. It had finally succumbed to the fuel line problem that had been threatening for a few days.
So the group got split with a number of people left beside the hot and dusty trail to try and sort out the problem while the rest of us travelled on towards Goondiwindi.
With an ice cream stop … or two.. (YUM! chocolate paddle pops are so smooth and slippery)
Something that's not smooth is the prickly pear.
I thought they had got this pest under control so I was shocked to see forests of this stuff as we drove into Goondiwindi. Another one of those things that we imported and then became a pest.
If your interested in an entertaining history of the prickly pear and the attempts to keep it under control with the cactoblastis moth visit this site – (well,,, I found it entertaining)!
Update on the breakdown situation. The MG was also towed to Goondiwindi. Most of the delayed travellers have arrived, late tired, hot, thirsty and dirty!
Except for Bob & Denise who own the MG, they have to come with the truck that is bringing their car.
Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

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