Monday, April 19, 2010

My quilt world - "Most people I know..."

This is a quilt that I completed in 2008 and is currently on the bed in my guest room.

It is a traditional "ocean waves" design and I can't remember how many triangles it was BUT it was a LOT! Hence the name... "most people I know... think that I'm crazy" which is a Billy Thorpe song.

It took me about a year to complete and the only fabric that I bought new was the blue background floral - (and the backing) all the rest of the 'bits' came from my stash. I was really please with how the colours turned out !

This is the first quilt I have had professionally quilted By Kay up in Toowoomba and the quilting is a continuous swirling floral in gold.

It is also the first time I used printable fabric as a label - I do it all the time now. ... Design a label on word and then print it onto fabric - works great!

Until next time........... Kim

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