Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In my life - RUBY

29th March 1995 - 27th April 2010

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the death of our dog Ruby.

She had become very elderly over recent weeks and could no longer get in her kennel, was falling over and at times could not get herself up again. She was 15 and in doggie years, according to the poster at the vets, she was 93!

It was very sad at the vets last night and tears were shed by all. My thanks to all at the creeklands vet for treating her with such dignity- she has now gone off to be cremated.

Ruby spent the first half of her life as a farm dog. I remember the day she was born. I must of held her in my hand and picked her as mine when she was only moments old. In some ways it must have been a great life for a dog - in others it was tough. She was a very pretty puppy.

This is my photo "City dogs and country dogs"... can you tell which are which?

above: in the back- Ozzie, Beauie(her Mum) Ruby, in the front- Peter (her dad) and Marty. They have all gone now. Ruby was the last of them.

above:- this is her brother Ozzie, Ruby and their mother Beauie.

She adjusted well to the last 9 years in town. She had Marty for company, then to her horror 3 years ago we got a puppy (Georgie) who adored her and wanted to jump on her head and smother her with kisses!

They mellowed and became friends in time - I think Ruby thought she was also a fluffy little house dog!

Georgie keeps looking for her today - we will miss her xxx

Until next time ....... Kim

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