Monday, April 26, 2010

In my life

Woo Hoo - I am on holidays for two weeks. Not going away anywhere, but maybe to Sydney for an overnighter this weekend. I have lots of plans to clean the house, but we shall see......I have a lot of doggie business to attend to. That sounds very mysterious, but all will be revealed in future blogs.

This past weekend was a long weekend with Anzac Day on the Sunday and a public holiday yesterday (Monday). On Sunday we went on a Car Club BBQ at Malpas Dam. This is north of Armidale and is our major water supply.

Unfortunately, you will notice in these photos the absence of any Lotus. We got as far as the meeting point at the tourist information centre... the handbrake handle broke and the handbrake got stuck on! So we drove the lotus home (with the handbrake still on!) and swapped to the Mondeo,,,

The sky was dark and threatening the whole afternoon - with the rain coming down as things were winding up. So maybe it was just as well that the Lotus stayed at home...

We had our 5th Wedding anniversary on Friday the 23rd and bought ourselves a GPS Navman - a gadget for Graham to play with........ now we need to go somewhere and see if it works!

Otherwise, I have been busy with the binding of the "Our House" quilt and am nearly there!

until next time....... Kim

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