Monday, September 10, 2018

Queensland 2018 – Part One – The Journey North

Hello there Dear Readers from the Sunshine State.

Graham and I are on another adventure but  this one is a bit closer to home.
We thought that it was time to cross a few destinations  off the ‘travel bucket list’ and holiday a bit closer to home.
So, we are in Palm Cove, which is between Cairns and Port Douglas in Far North Queensland.
AND – we drove here. It took four days from Armidale.
The first day was a long haul, Armidale to Roma, lots of long boring stretches of road.
Second day was Roma to Emerald.

Above Emerald Station

Emerald is a nice town that has certainly felt the benefit from all the surrounding mines. There are lots of new schools and shopping centres. And a general impression of respect, care and time spent on maintenance of the town. 

As much as I hate what the mining has done to the Hunter Valley, it’s a bit different here. Mining has changed run down towns, with tumble weeds blowing up the main street, into thriving rich little places.

Above is Emerald’s BIG THING. The Big Easel, it is a Van Gogh Sunflowers painting. REALLY!?..WHY?

 The Big Easel installation art piece, created by Canadian artist, Cameron Cross, is located in the town of Emerald in Central Queensland, Australia. Erected in 1999, and unveiled in October of the same year, the installation artwork depicts Dutch artist, Vincent van Gogh’s (1853-1890), famous Sunflowers (1889) still life painting, which is currently part of the Van Gogh Museum’s collection in Amsterdam- Wikipedia  

Above is Graham standing next to the easel to compare the size. Can you spot him? We must have seen the original painting in Amsterdam last year. (a lifetime away from outback Queensland)!
Third day was Emerald to Charters Tower. Hummm, now theres a bit of a back water, oh well it’s a cultural experience I suppose.
Lots of dead roo’s on the roads, lots of healthy crows (the bastards). Lots of road trains and grey nomads out with their vans.

Forth day was Charters Tower to Pacific Palms.

Above- our apartment is somewhere behind those palm trees

We are staying in an Accor vacation club apartment at Coral Coast Resort, which is okay. Not the flashiest club place we’ve been to, but maybe we’ve been a bit spoiled in the past. Sometimes the properties that are more family orientated tend to be a bit more basic as they get more wear and tear. 

And not the pristine blue waters as it is really windy and the sea is brown and stirred up.
Hopefully it will all calm down by the end of the week as we have a boat trip booked to go out to the reef.

 This Mum and bub live in the grounds below our balcony, nice to see some alive ones instead of the squished ones on the side of the road!

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