Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Melbourne, Matilda & Me–Part 3

We spent the day at Melbourne zoo.
I was last here with the kids in the late 90’s (1998 or 1999, I can’t remember and can’t find the photo album.. might be still packed in a box).)
I know it was the 17th December and it was about 40 degrees.


This time it was hardly 10 degrees and freezing – wish I’d taken a beanie!
I love the butterfly house, I loved it last time too.
I think our safari has changed how I look at captive animals.. This fellow looked so sad, (Asian elephant, and smaller than his African cousins).
I loved the orangutans … OOk.
They were so close and so playful.

Off to see Matilda Tonight!

scan of post it 001

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