Thursday, August 25, 2016

Melbourne, Matilda & Me–Part 2


Well, yet another wonderful bit of a coincidence




Oh wow,, all these quilts I have read about in magazines!



No machines used in making these and all done by hand. Its amazing how some of these things are passed down and survive.


Making the Australian Quilt: 1800–1950 is the first major exhibition of its kind to bring together the rich works that constitute Australia’s quilt heritage. Exclusive to Melbourne, the exhibition includes more than eighty works from around the country.




Then after lunch we visited the Scorsese exhibition at the ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image)

Scorsese 2




From Taxi Driver and Goodfellas to The Age of Innocence and The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese’s intense and exhilarating films define him as one of the world’s greatest directors.

Whether it’s wolves, bulls, butchers or taxi drivers, Scorsese’s complicated anti-heroes navigate mean streets of their own morality, torn between rebellion and acceptance, sin and redemption. While his characters spiral out of control, Scorsese captures every frame with masterly control.

SCORSESE, drawn from his personal collection, explores his inspirations, creative process and key collaborations, offering comprehensive insight into Scorsese’s career as an unparalleled screen stylist and a tireless champion of cinema.

Please Note: Scorsese’s films deal with mature themes and occasional violence. So does this exhibition. It’s recommended for adults, and older children accompanied by an adult.

Tickets: Full $25 Concession $18 Member $17


I don’t think Mr Scorsese is quite to my taste… don’t like seeing people getting their brains blown out. Although I may give the movie Hugo a try, that looked pretty cute!

However, he has played a big role in the preservation and restoration of old films.


For dinner we went to a small Spanish restaurant near the QVM. Which was just yum, the quail was awesome!

scan of post it 001


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