Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 5 - Its still raining!

Coromandel Peninsula

Raining wet and miserable. Above, this is the nearest beach to our resort, a seven minute walk through the rainforest.   Shoe Island is in this photo.

All these beautiful beaches and we can’t see them, anyway we are here until Friday so I hope we get a bit of dry weather before then.

So, today we went for a drive to do a bit of recognisance.


We stopped at Whitianga for lunch. Wh is pronounced F. (Fet-i-anga)
We had, fush & chups…. ha ha, bro

Above is Buffalo Beach, named after the ship that was wrecked here.
Found a nice little art gallery and I bought a piece of silver jewellery from a local artist.

Some thoughts on the Coromandel.
  • Good roads, very few pot holes considering all the rain.
  • Lots of tight bends, narrow roads, hills and beautiful vistas. Bike riders would love it.
  • Very little litter.
  • Lots of one way bridges.
  • Very green pastures, lush grass with clover.
  • Fat dairy cows, with big udders, high stocking rate per hectare.
  • Healthy sheep, lots of lamb twins, mostly Suffolk and English breeds, no merinos.
  • Lovely gardens, must be able to plant things and then they just grow! Freesias, pink & red magnolias, camellias are all in bloom.
  • Forests of HUGE tree ferns, thousands of them.
  • The sea doesn’t smell very salty? – High run off of rainwater???
They say it will be fine tomorrow, we shall see….

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