Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 2 - Kia ora

Thursday - Auckland



Our first full day in Auckland, and as they are predicting rain for the rest of the week, we thought we would take the opportunity for a ferry ride to Devonport while the weather held.


Devonport is a 12 minute ferry ride from the city. Very beautiful, but very expensive houses. Mostly timber ,, kauri pine with beautiful fretwork.

We took a little bus tour around the island, that dropped us off for short stop at North Head. This was a military base, starting from when they were trying to stop the Russians invading.



While we were there the Para gliders arrived trying to shoot the thermals.

Here I am below enjoying the sun and the view. (I forgot my sunnies and had to buy these groovy cheap ones at the chemist)




And,,, Grahams found a gun…




These hills are all extinct volcanos.

Devonport used to be an island, but they demolished one of the volcanos to use to reclaim the sea to make a link to the mainland.

The best views are from flagstaff signal station at Mount Victoria.

The signal station use to fly flags to show when the Clippers had arrived. That's why so many houses in Devonport and Auckland have observation towers, so the locals knew when it was time to go and meet the ship at the docks.




Oh and most excitedly I stumbled upon the “Best patchwork shop in NZ”,

Cushla’s Village fabrics,, I’ve even read about them!

I had to go in and I DID spend some money.




And guess what … the Pullman Hotel is also on top of an old volcano, which explains its steepness!!!

We got a taxi the kilometre up the hill tonight!(only cost $5)




AND… poo poo poo – I can’t access my blog account on this laptop!!!!

I’m not sure why, I should have checked it was all okay before we left… sigh…

Anyway, I’ll continue to write drafts and have one big upload when I get home…

scan of post it 001_thumb[4]

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