Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 1 - Across the Ditch

Wednesday – Armidale to Auckland


We off on holiday, after a stressful few months.

Spending a couple of weeks away, mostly in New Zealand.

A 6.30am flight from Armidale, then transfer in Sydney after clearing security.

Graham got to have a full body scan, but I got bomb tested… again.

And had to take off jacket, boots and jewellery to get through the metal detector.



Its always a good feeling to actually see your suitcases go onto the plane.

Mines the fat red & black one on the top!



We arrived in Auckland this afternoon and are staying at the Pullman Hotel.

Lovely place but we didn’t realise that it is on the top of a hill.


We walked into downtown tonight to find dinner.

We ended up at a restaurant near the Maritime Museum called the Foodstore,

celebrating the uniqueness of New Zealand's food and wine.




Based at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour, is New Zealand's first unique live food entertainment experience. With the country's only true "open" and "interactive" kitchen you will get up close and personal with NZ's best chefs as they create their culinary magic.

At THE FOODSTORE you will experience creative menus using fresh,natural and organic New Zealand produce from local farmers with a focus on sustainability and the humane treatment of animals, genuine hospitality and whether you just pop in for a drink, a casual bite or a leisurely dinner the experience will always be memorable and more than anything, entertaining!



The walk back was very steep.

Review note:- This luxury hotel looks close to town on a map, but unless your young and fit, don’t expect you can walk to town and back.

We can just see the harbour between buildings from our room.

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