Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Quilt World - Pinwheels - Progress Report

I Have named this quilt "A Kiss to Build a Dream On ".

I name lots of quilts after songs (and nursery rhymes and poems)

On this occasion I was looking for an old fashion, but jazzy name. I liked "As Time Goes By" but I've seen a few quilts called that....... and I do like to be original .... ha ha..

"A kiss to build a dream on" is another tune by Louis Armstrong and it featured in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle".

I also thought the pinwheels looked like little kisses!! xxxxxx ...........

The above picture is what I am planning. I designed this on my EQ6 programme. The basket in the above picture is different from the one that will appear in the finished item.

Give me a kiss to build a dream on,
and my imagination will thrive upon that kiss,
Sweetheart I ask no more than this:
A kiss to build a dream on.

Give me a kiss before you leave me,
and my imagination will feed my hungry heart.
Leave me one thing before we part,
A kiss to build a dream on.

This quilt is planned for the bed in my guest room. I have chosen periwinkle blue as the hero colour to match the painting above the bed in that room. I wanted it to be lots of blue, yellow, pearly, shimmery and sparkly fabrics. Overall I am hoping for an traditional but elegant look.

This is a between projects quilt, one that I can pick up when I'm at a loose end or bored with other things. The pinwheels are also transportable so it has been the perfect project to take to work or on holidays.

I have been working on it for over a year. Some pinwheels are pieced by hand, but most are chain pieced on the machine..

It will have 580 pinwheel blocks when completed. I have so far completed 520 of these! ( 60 to go... wHOo HoO!).

Before I give it my full attention I want to finish the top of my OTHER current project - "Our House"- , which I'll tell the story of in a future post.

This quilt is also my first major applique project, and I've had to learn how to do it as I go along (ahhh, but isn't all life like that!).......... I can really notice the improvement in my stitching as the middle panel progresses.

The applique pattern featured in Australian Patchwork & Quilting - 1999 Yearbook and is a design by Susan Matthews. I have slightly changed some of the flowers.

As its summer, it's been too hot to work on the intricate applique panel as my hands get too sweaty. I hope to return to it with gusto when the weather cools down.

Below is the pinwheels coming together---- looking good!

I hope to have the whole thing completed within the next six months.

Until next time............Kim

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