Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Quilt World - "Our House" - Progress Report

This is my other current project and I have named it after another song!

When I first designed it I thought it looked like terrace houses in London,,, Row upon row of houses all the same.

I think that this song suits it perfectly. Its by the 80's English band - Madness.

Our House, in the middle of our street,
Our House, is our castle and our keep.
Madness 1983

This is the first quilt I have totally designed and made from EQ6. I haven't got the borders on yet, but if they fit like a glove I will be very excited (and singing the praises of my expensive computer program). Below is my design for "Our House".

The quilt will be 85 x 85 inches when complete. It has 81 house blocks in various shades of red and there are soooo many shades of red! (orange red, burgundy red, dark red, bright red, ect ect!)

I designed the block myself. Its a simpler version of the traditional school house block.

Currently I'm working on the borders and as you can see by the photos I have nearly completed the top and am thinking about what to use as a backing fabric (red I think, ha, ha.)

I will post updates as the quilt progresses.

Until next time..... Kim

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