Saturday, January 16, 2010

My new blog - In my life

Well, here I am....

I've been looking for the right outlet for a while now. I've wanted somewhere to display my photos and journal my thoughts about life...... I tried facebook, but couldn't come to terms with it!

I'm only learning this and have put this lovey photo of Georgie Girl and her cousin Millie in the wrong spot! I will tell the story of this picture at the end of this post.

Firstly, I will set out my personal rules for my new blog....

  1. It must be entertaining, sometimes funny and never boring.
  2. I will post at least twice a month.
  3. All negativity and cynical comments will be kept to a minimum. This will be difficult as I'm a natural cynic!
  4. It must not be like one of those family event letters that some choose to include in Christmas cards. I find it boring when people write 2 pages about how wonderful their kids are. I know some people like keep others updated on how wonderful their lives are and that is their choice as we are all different. So.. I wish to keep this blog honest and "warts and all".
  5. I will not feel self conscious about others reading my blog or cringe when I re read old posts.
  6. I will not be discussing my sex life! Ha ha.
  7. Its my blog, so I can change the rules if I want!!!

The photo at the top of this post is my dog Georgie Girl Earl with Sean and Emmy's dog Millie. They are both Maltaliers. ( Cavalier King Charles Spaniels X Maltese terriers)

Once upon a time, when Millie was only a puppy,
she had never seen stairs.
One day she came to visit her older cousin Georgie.
Georgie was very fast and could bound up and down the staircase.
Millie thought this was great fun and it wasn't long before she too
could climb up the stairs.
However, it was very scary going down again.
Millie got to the landing and was too frightened to go any further.
Georgie ran up and down the stairs, urging Millie to came and play.
Finally Georgie understood that Millie was frightened
and with a big sigh sat down next to her so they could be sad together.
Millie is now older and can do the stair dash as fast as Georgie!!

Until next time... Kim

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