Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Some thoughts about Tardiness and Anzac Day 2017


Hi again Dear Readers.
I apologise for my blog tardiness in 2017, this is only my 4th post for the year and it is nearly May!
I can make all sorts of excuses, but this slackness is because basically I’ve not taken many photos.
To the point that my camera battery ran out and I could not remember the last time I used the charger and could not find it.
(finally located said charger under a pile of fabric in my sewing room, which sent me skipping down the hall with joy, which was a sight to behold, just ask Miss Lizzy who enjoyed the moment immensely…)
Anyway, I think you will find things are about to improve with many great events about to occur which will give me plenty to blog about!


Every Anzac the car club goes for a ‘run’ and BBQ. This year we went down to Uralla, with a stop at Gostwyck Church on the way back. 

Beautiful New England in its autumn colours.

I seem to remember another Anzac day, when Andrew laid a wreath here as he was school captain. Was probably the last time I was at this park.I seem to remember the day also involved amoured personal carriers. (silly me.. I just can't spell!
armoured personnel carrier 
the other sounds like an armoured handbag, hee hee)


And the lovely Gostwyck, just a bit past its best colours. A bit early this year.

scan of post it 001

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