Thursday, April 27, 2017

Of Pending Births and Anniversaries


I must warn you Dear Readers that my blog posts have become slightly out of sync. But this is to prepare the way for the next post which should be (I now know will be) the ‘main event’.


On Sunday 23rd April, we had Sunday lunch at Sean and Rosie's place at Kentucky.

above – is the pigs (can’t remember their names) eating the last of the famous choc chip carrot cake that I baked for Easter Sunday, complete with fondant carrots on the top. (Most ridiculous cake I’ve ever made).

These photos are from Grahams camera due to my missing (now found) battery charger as mentioned in a previous post.


Above is Mavis.. they are running out of cute names for the new little girl, because they give all the cute ones to the animals…


I took most of the food to save Rosie the trouble and we took Grahams Mum (Vi) out there as well.

The 23rd was our 12th wedding anniversary, I was going to post a Kim & Graham Wedding photo but I can’t find them. Probably still packed in a box.

 (I did find Sean and his ex’s wedding photos in the cupboard, but it is probably in bad taste to mention that here….)

I promise Dear Readers that when our photos turn up I’ll post a sentimental blog about our wedding day. Which will excite you or more probably bore you to tears.

I think it may be a hint that its time to clean out the spare room.


Rosie is only 36 weeks! Is she going to make it to term? (NO), Is she going to make it to next Sunday?(NO).

Very exciting – first time grandparents!

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