Saturday, March 28, 2015

Armidale’s Autumn Festival 2015



Oh – you have to love people yelling and screaming in delight when they see you!



I love the Autumn festival – you smile so much your mouth hurts and you spend hours talking to locals about your cars.

Plus I wandered off and bought a rusty corrugated iron piggy which is now near the front door. –

ALSO – above photo, Grahams holding his coffee, can you spot where I’ve rested mine while I take the photo, ha ..ha..???


So this year we presented both cars at the Autumn festival.


‘Mrs C’, went on parade, and the older ‘Baby’ went into the park where where attracted a flock of admirers.


Its funny how an old car like that attracts all the teens and the 20 something's, who are amazed at how little she weighs and how olds she is ---- She is a cougar!.. She's a Lotus…


scan of post it 001

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