Friday, February 27, 2015

Car club Annual Breakfast

So, the year I put OUR hands up to organise the breakfast run AND it pours with rain!


So we relocated from the Dumaresq Dam to the old super shed (superphosphate) at the retired Dumaresq station.


Pronounced –   Due-Mare-Ick =  Due (due to be paid)– Mare (female horse) – Ick (yuck),, say it fast and close together…  don’t worry, it used to confuse me when we first moved here- but Graham works for Armidale Dumaresq Council so I have to get it right now!


Of course the shed is still here as about 20 years ago it was still on the Main North Line to Brisbane.
As below about the Main North Line from Wikipedia!
“The line reaches the major New England towns of Tamworth and Armidale, the latter being the northernmost extent of service on the line. Until the mid-2000s freight traffic continued to the disused station at Dumaresq which is home to a now-also-disused agricultural fertilizer depot. There is now wire across the corridor at several points between Armidale and Dumaresq, after which the line is for all intents and purposes closed. A block is placed across the tracks at the 590 kilometre mark (a short distance on from Dumaresq), and north of Glen Innes the line, particularly its bridges, has fallen into disrepair.”
I’m not sure that we are not trespassing,as I think this still belongs to state rail. But at least its not disused!


The shed is currently used to shelter sheep and cattle.
So we spent the afternoon before the breakfast shovelling kilos of sheep poo. (and I have a lovely bag of the super enriched sheep poo in my garage just awaiting a new garden bed – but I did ruin a pair of shoes)!


Why they don’t turn this lovely vacant railway corridor into a backpackers walk is beyond me.


Above- here is Graham at the BBQ cooking 100’s of eggs – look at the pile of shells!


scan of post it 001

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