Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Tale of The Great Ocean Road and the Little Zip Pull

Ahhhh, I know its a cryptic post title but all will become clear.
It concerns this inch long metal zip pull possibly from a tent or some other camping (or surf gear) item.

Anyway, we left Port Fairy for a days leisurely drive along the South Coast,
Along with all the other tourists and lots of those ‘Wicked’ camper vans full of British youth.
We stopped at London Bridge – which is no longer a bridge since the arch fell down in the early 1990’s.

Still grey and cold with occasional showers, we are glad we have our coats with us.
Here I am below.
Then up to the next lookout which is the arches.
Walking back to the car in the car park

Obviously, a flat tyre.
11.35am on a Saturday morning in the middle of nowhere –  Crivens!
But fortunately, the old garage in Port Campbell was still open.
The old garage man repaired the tyre, told us all about his various illnesses
(and showed Graham his colostomy!)
but only charged us $20.
(for the tyre, not for the medical show and tell, ha ha)
Of course he pulled out of the tyre the before mentioned zip pull.
Anyway, we completed the drive with no further mishap.
We visited Loch Ard Gorge, named after the ship that sunk off the coast in the late 1800’s with only 2 survivors.
And finally to the 12 apostles where we battled the crowds
before heading for our last night at Geelong.

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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