Monday, April 25, 2011

Kaleidoscope Quilt – Progress Report

I’m having great fun putting these quilts together – I guess the novelty will wear off eventually. The novelty certainly has worn off the top with the appliqué basket – I really must get my act togetherSad smile


But I have almost finished the ‘I Spy’ quilt (putting on the binding) and the 'I remember you’ top is at the quilters now.

As promised here is my method of assembly for these complicated quilt tops! 

I start with my EQ6 pattern and I am breaking the tops down into separate blocks. I have a special print out of each of these quilts where I have substituted the mixed black background for a neutral light green, which makes it easier to define each block.


I then break each block into how many pieces of each colour. As the blocks in the book are always a few pages ahead I can usually cut enough of one colour for the next few blocks.


Also, each block has pieces that are either cut on the bias or on the straight of grain. The ‘Nanny Ogg’ part of my brain has called these the male and female pieces. The male are pointy at an angle, the female are up and down……..


I’ve nearly completed the first big star burst, which is identical in each quilt. Then I’m going to move on to some of the black parts.


Here are both tops together.

Until next time….. Kim

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