Sunday, October 10, 2010

My quilt world - Ripe Strawberries!

I've finished the top.. yee haa!

and I've bought a pretty teacup fabric to back it with. This should be finished well in time for Christmas.

I'm really happy with it as I thought it might be really garish and bright and busy, or the feature fabric would be too dominating. BUT, the feature fabric is lovely and really makes the quilt. I am really pleased with how all the colours have worked together.

Next time I post about this quilt it should be the finished item.

Good news is that the US dollar is FaNtaStiC!!! And I'm in a fabric buying spree with a sort of
'kaleidoscope crossed with fireworks' pattern  and a blue quilt planned to be started next year...(on top of those projects that I still need to finish........... e.g..... the Beatlemania quilt...  the lonnnnng and winding road.....)

Until next time.... Kim

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