Friday, October 8, 2010

In my life - Graham's 50th Birthday

I did make grand plans for this day - and some of it worked really well!

Plan A: Family gathering for a Sunday lunch at Petersons Cellar door. Everyone to enjoy fine food and wine while sitting outside in the sunshine under the trees. The guest of honour to arrive by helicopter, which was to land on the lawn outside the guest house. The flight paid for by the guests as Grahams present.

  • Positive:- everyone could come, all Graham's family came from Sydney,  Sean and  Emmy drove down from Queensland. 
  • Negative:- Armidale turned on its most miserable weather -- pouring rain, foggy and cold --- thus scratch any idea of helicopter joy flights, or sitting under the trees in the golden sunshine!!!!
  • Positive:- The meal at Petersons was moved indoors and the food and service was really lovely. Vi made a lovely cake with a little helicopter on it (the closest Graham got to one all day!!!)
  • Negative:- Graham was sick! Later diagnosed as possibly norovirus. He hasn't had a sick day off work for 10 years but he has just had a week off to recover from this. So he didn't feel like eating and was exhausted as he had hardly slept.
  • Positive:- he would have been too sick to go on the helicopter anyway, so the weather gave us an excuse to cancel it and he can go on it at a later date-- maybe I'll go too next time!
  • Positive:- Everyone seemed to have a really great time and it was really nice to see everyone.
  • Positive (sort of):- Our nearly new hot water service broke down five days later - what a disaster it would have been with guests and Graham sick and NO hot water! 
Anyway, below are some photos of the day, don't forget to click on them and they will enlarge for a closer view... enjoy.

Until next time.... Kim

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