Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our sunny weekend at Port Macquarie

Graham and I spent an enjoyable weekend at Port Macquarie on the NSW coast. Its approximately 31/2 hour drive from Armidale. haven't been there for years and I was amazed at how much it has been developed. What use to be a pretty sleepy seaside village is now a city.

I didn't take many photos but I've been able to supplement this page with downloads from the web,, he he he,,,

Above is looking north from the lighthouse..... I took this one!

Unfortunately, I had worked the previous 2 nights and was really tired the whole weekend - I think I'm getting too old to work nights and then expect to function as a human straight away!

Above is looking south from the lighthouse and I took this one too.....

It was really nice to escape the cold of Armidale and get some winter sunshine. We booked a whale watching cruise in a jet boat, however while we waited for the cruise to start we went for a drive up to Tacking point lighthouse and saw a whale from there swimming up the coast!

Above, is a picture of Tacking Point Lighthouse from were we saw the whale (I didn't take this photo) and below is a photo of the jetboat we went on (I didn't take this photo either, of course)

Click here for a Link to Port Jet for a lot more info on rides and the boat "Wild Thing" including a video.

When we went on the jet boat we only saw distant whales -- I picked the wrong spot to sit in the boat as I kept getting wet, a bit like having buckets of cold sea water thrown in my face!

But it was fun, I spent a lot of the time laughing and squealing and dripping - hence no photos of the event...

We stayed at the Mecure hotel which was just a short walk to the shops and the green and everything.

Above is the is the view from our room and below is the hotel.

We had a lovely night out on the Saturday at the Whalebone Wharf Restaurant and splashed out on the seafood platter.

For more info on the restaurant click here for a link to their website.

Here is a photo of our dinner which I took -- I have to get into the habit of getting others to take our photo at these things!

We then spent the Sunday morning visiting the markets before heading home to two very pleased to see us doggies!

Until next time, Kim ......

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