Sunday, August 19, 2018

Lizzy's Doggie update

Hello, My Mum's Dear Readers!

Its me, Miss Lizzy here, to update you on all the goings on in 'Lizzy's world'..

I just wanted to model for you, our new winter fashions.

... even though my preference is to rip the coat off Teddy's back and run around the backyard swinging it around my head. .... he he he... However, my Mum doesn't seem very happy with this idea, 
I don't know why, IT's FUN MUM..

In these above  pic's, Ted,s gone for the Star Wars look, while I've got the foxy thing going on...

And below, Teddy is modelling the camouflage trend (we'll loose Ted in the backyard if we are not careful)...and I have the chic Cheetah/Wilma Flintstone look.

 Below: Umm. MUM! 

You've got HIM up on the bed, 
while I'm still down here on the Floor!!!

Whats that about!?

I understand, sigh,  he's MY best doggie friend in the world!

Until next time!

Love & wet noses 
from Miss Lizzy


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