Friday, June 30, 2017

First Time Meeting Baby Edith!

20170514_141235Kim & Sean

Above: Kim & Edie 2017 and Kim & Sean 1984.

First grand daughter and first son


Well, Dear Readers understand me when I say that these photos are a complete coincidence.

It was when I was looking for baby pic’s, to see what bits of this brown haired, beautiful brown eyed bub looked like Sean,  that I found this old photo and thought… I’M IN THE THE SAME POSE!!!

(Its my blog—it is all about me you know)!!

So compare, Photos 30 (something).. years apart,,,,

Dear Readers, I wish I could go back and give that young lass some reassurance…

Move on, be strong, you will make good decisions,…


And the blue cardigan in the 1984 photo…Mum knitted that, I loved it and its still in a box in the wardrobe…


We finally got to meet Edie on Mothers day..( I was sick for eight weeks, I think I had two different bouts of viruses,one after another, and coughed  until I broke a rib).


Well there you go, I am now a Grandmother…

Kimba and Opa. we think….

Kimba, the white lion..(1960’s cartoon)

Opa, German for grandpa. 

scan of post it 001

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