Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas 2015!

And the Christmas village has grown and expanded to a second table….



New item this year is Bernie’s Teddy Bears.

A bit sad as when I put up the decorations there was two little doggies helping……


We travelled to Sydney with Georgie. to spend Christmas with Mum and Dad. Lots of seafood. Andrew was there too.



On boxing day we visited Michael and Gayle.

Then caught up with Sean and Rosie who brought all their four dogs to Sydney.. it was chaos, but all the dogs behaved.

Below is Maya and Georgie at Nan’s.


But wait!!!!

When I took the Christmas decorations down there was a new doggie to help!

I have to put the blanket on the floor when doing the tree as last year I learnt the hard way that glass baubles explode when dropped on a timber floor!



scan of post it 001

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