Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekend in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley Gardens


This is about to become an epic travel month for us so as a ‘taster’ we spent a couple of nights in Newcastle,  with a stop at the Hunter Valley Gardens on the way home on Sunday.



We had lunch with Andrew and did some shopping.


And we went for a walk along the new Anzac foot bridge.


You can see this bridge from nearly everywhere in the city.. (I could see it from our hotel window although I didn’t realise what it was until we walked on it)!


Not only is it a beautiful thing, its using a bit of cliff that was relatively useless before.

And not only is it a great tourist view vantage point, all the fit and healthy of Newcastle were out either jogging or power walking on it. Great to see an imaginative structure, with a memorial purpose, that can be used by the whole  community.


There is someone with a lot of foresight in the Newcastle council who is not only doing a great job with projects like this but also with the reclaiming of all the foreshore industrial and railway sites.. 3 cheers for them!


THEN… on our way home on Sunday we spent a couple of hours at the Hunter Valley Gardens. We will have to have a return trip because we just didn’t have enough time.



It was their Rose Spectacular. We went around on the little train, which was a great way to see most of it quickly..

Image 2

The rose below is called Chameleon as it starts off yellow then fades to orange and finally pink – and they had thousands of them.

They are also getting ready for their Christmas light show. 




This is the Japanese Garden


This is a real crane not a garden ornament! and below – WOW.


And in the Storybook Garden ,,, of course I had to visit Alice…. My number one literary heroine ..


Its having a repaint so should be shiny and new fairly soon.


I am now on Long Service Leave…

Our next trip is the  ‘entree’,,  the Car Club Mystery Run

Then its the ‘main’ South Africa,,,, Capetown and the Kruger National Park …….

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