Sunday, April 13, 2014

minuscule Quilt

This is the quit that I made for our new niece,,  

Paul, my bother in law  (who is the same age as me!)! & Mel’s new baby. 

A colourful,,, new baby girl ..

Sienna Rose Earl


The first quilt photos in the new house and permanent backyard~!!!!~

Not a very girlie quilt!!

The lady bugs have escaped from one jar and are wandering all down the side of the quilt.

na na, na na, na


BUT- on the back they are FREE.



Apart from the lady bugs there are redback spiders, lizards , snails, ants, butterflies, bugs, bookworms, bees, cockroaches and frogs. There are also 3 different jar blocks, some are on shelves and some are stacked.



Now, finally working on finishing the big blue quilt ‘A kiss to build a dream on’ for the guest bedroom. And, I also working on another quick cot quilt and a larger very complicated pattern of lanterns in a garden at dusk….. I’ll post about that one soon.

scan of post it 001

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