Saturday, September 28, 2013

……& we move on…


Graham & I have  been very busy (and stressed) moving house.


here are my final pictures of our old home, all empty and I cried.



We have now rented a house which could not be further away in Armidale.

Moving from North Hill to South Hill. Although, in Armidale this was a 9 minute drive!!

This rental’ is only a little place, it smells like cigarettes and the kitchen is like cooking in a caravan..

BUT it was reasonably priced, gave us a short lease and allowed outside dogs. 


Whoops, not quite the outside dogs we promised they’d be! *blush*.



Above: Graham on his birthday at the ‘rental’.

However,, there is some good news ,, we have had an offer accepted to buy a new house!

Below is the backyard.. it’s over 1/2 an acre.


When the purchase is nearly 100% certain, I will be excited to blog about our pending new home!

AND guess what – this current rental is about 2 house from the south edge of town…. The new house is on the very edge of the north side of town!…. figures..

scan of post it 001

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