Monday, May 13, 2013

A Leap of Faith

We are finally as ready as can be!


The house is FOR SALE!

Here are some of the beautiful photos that are appearing online.

Not taken by me of course, but a professional.

He even professionally got up onto the roof to take the picture of the view!


I have been here 12 years and it has been a beautiful house with lots of memories, but its time to move on.

image2 - Copy

Above: Is the view from the upstairs (and the roof) of our house, towards the south eastern edge of town, in its beautiful autumn glory. The red roofed stands are the Armidale Showground. We have always had great views of the fireworks.



We were a bit disappointed with the valuation, but maybe we weren’t being realistic.

However Grahams property has been valued at more than we expected so it’s all swings and roundabouts.

If your wondering about this house name its a Scottish name - Blair Atholl.

(We’ve been there to visit Atholl Castle Click to a link for more info!)

It’s was once the seat of the Scottish Stewart Earls,,,,,  and those that know us well will get the joke.


One of the reasons we decided to sell was that this is MY house and after being married for 8 years maybe its time to combine our finances and buy a property together.

This will be OUR FIRST HOUSE! (well… together)!

image3 - Copy

So, we are looking for a 4 bedroom house, fairly new and low maintenance.  It still needs to be a classic style so it will fit in with my vintage style of decor. We NEED more garage space so an extra garage/big shed, or the space to build one, is a MUST….. A big kitchen would be lovely, as would space that I could make my sewing room.  We need room for all our collections and more room for the (yet to materialise) grandkids to run around.


There are only two houses about that are sort of ‘okay’. Not far from where we are now about a 5  minute drive….  We are hoping that something perfect will pop up when we are ready to buy ----  otherwise yeek!

scan of post it 001


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