Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Current Project–The V&A quilt


I decided to do an update on this project only to realise I hadn’t blogged about it before!

Shows how busy my life is at the moment – but it will soon be back to normal as our new Nurse Unit Manager starts on the 1st of May and I can return to my normal role.


Anyway, I am currently working on  The V&A quilt.

UK and Europe 2011 354UK and Europe 2011 358

In 2011 Mum and I spent the day in the V&A museum in London.

I bought a package of fabric in the gift shop.

These are new fabrics based on traditional designs.

The design of the   ‘Ikat’ fabric, pictured below was taken  from a patchwork coverlet

made in Britain, dated 1797.


So here is the quilt as it currently is up on my new design wall,,


… in my newly cleaned out and reorganised ‘Quilt Cave"’…


The block is my own design, but closely based on a traditional ‘rolling stone’ block. I’ve added some complimentary solid colours and the final blocks, that I’m working on now, are salmon pink.


Currently I also have two quilts patiently waiting for me to find the time to bind and label them. I have finished the top of the larger ‘Redheads’ Quilt and its waiting to go off to the quilters….. and I have another project on the go – aptly named ‘Under Pressure’ which I will blog about soon!


scan of post it 001

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