Friday, March 15, 2013

A Day on the Green

Last weekend the whole Armidale family tripped off to
A Day on the Green.

IMAG0032_BURST001It was held near Armidale at Petersons Winery where Sean and Emmy had their wedding a few years ago. Great thanks to whoever took the above great pic from and posted it online (so I could pinch it)! We were watching the plane and helicopter from the ground so its wonderful  to see the view from their side. 

And I can almost see Andrew and I down there waving, little black dots we are, but we stand out as we are in the seated white area. Fleet Helicopters (remember our joy flight) have now ventured into classic warbirds. That's an Ad for pinching their pic…

2013-03-09 16.34.28

The artists were, Lisa Mitchell..


 ..then, Mark Seymour and the Undertow.
He was the vocalist from from Hunters and Collectors.
We had great seats, near the stage and there were 7500 people there.
Its a big weekend for Armidale, lots of folk come from far away and all the motels are booked out. 


 And the main act was



We had a great night.
The transport was fantastic, going, we walked to our nearby petrol station and hopped on a Day on the Green bus (4 came at once- you know what they say….)
And coming home was just as easy, dropped off, after a bus sing-a-long
(alcohol induced Bohemia Rhapsody- What! – but Freddy would be proud…) for a 5 minute walk home. We were home at 10pm after a rock concert, gosh we are old folks!

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