Thursday, November 3, 2011

KENSINGTON–LONDON – ‘Ready Freddie’…..

Quote:- A crazy little thing called love – Queen
The final day.
We had to go back to Harrods so I could buy the 2011 Christmas bear.
This year, his name is Freddie.
He’s the size of the smaller one in the above picture, I couldn’t afford the big fella.
Freddie is tucked bottom up into the corner of my suitcase, and everything else is packed around him…
I know  ----   now its all getting beary silly!
But we thought we’d get as much out of the last day as we could and got tickets to a show.
We went to see WE WILL ROCK YOU. (see, continues the Freddie Theme)
Featuring the music of Queen and written by Ben Elton,
Ben Elton was famous for writing Blackadder and The Young Ones
We will rock you was great, we really enjoyed it.
Afterwards, we took a late night walk down Oxford street, in the rain.
The Christmas lights are on and it is all pretty..
Kim says, “Its time to go home Graham”…
Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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