Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My quilt world - I remember you - progress report

Just getting started on a new project --- I'm not going to reveal my plans yet as this is a gift ---- But I just want to tease you by showing you this beautiful fabric I've bought for it...

I have a deadline and hope to finish the top early in the new year.

Unfortunately this means the poor a Kiss to build a dream on has again been laid aside, but I'm still hoping to have that top completed before we go overseas in August 2011 and maybe send it off to be quited while we are away.

So, my current quilt goals are!
1/ finish Ripe Strawberries - and have it quilted, binding on and ready to give for Christmas.
2/ work a lot on I remember you, try to have it ready to quilt early next year.
3/ I also have a smaller version of Ripe Strawberries for me to keep - I have cut out a fair bit of this ready to go and will work on that spasmodically over the next six months.(its a good taking to work project)
4/ I also have another small quilt called Beatlemania which I want to quilt myself. The tops been finished for awhile but I keep putting it aside due to other things, I must find time for that - maybe if I get a lot of night duty!

Until next time....Kim

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