Friday, August 20, 2010

In My Life - Weekend at Copeton Dam

Recently Graham and I went on an adventure with the car club. 11 people and 6 classic cars hit the open road.

There was our Lotus, a Triumph TR6, Mercedes, Riley, Morris and a FJ Holden.

The Saturday was a beautiful clear sky day and we kept the top down all the way (But it was a little cold on the nose!).

We spent the night in the cabins at Copeton Dam. This dam holds nearly 3 times the water of Sydney harbour.

It has only been full once since it opened in the 1970's and currently is only about 6% of capacity. But it still seems to have a lot of water in it! It is a popular fishing and boating spot.

There are Lots and lots of kangaroos.

At night a great BBQ was enjoyed by all - although it was a very 'slow food' type of barbie,,,,,,,,,,,,,

.........with the steaks having to be cooked in fry-pans due to lack of heat!

On Sunday - following bacon and eggs for breakfast - we headed south to Bingara ... It was a little more overcast that day so we put the roof on the car - This was also to stop me going any deafer from the wind noise...

Our goal was to meet up with the Inverell car club and then travel in convoy to the five ways rally. There was a great turnout for a cold day with about 70 cars on display.

As soon as Graham got out of the Lotus he was surrounded by admirers - all wanting to talk about the car ---- and all the blokes flocked over to us when he took off the 'Baby's' bonnet. The poor baby girl is given no dignity!

On our way towards home she got her own back - she threw her hub-cap off on a cattle grid - causing much mirth to our fellow travellers. It was found easily as Karen and John behind us could easily watch its shiny path as it shot off into the paddocks. But, we decided it was safer to go home without it and kept it in the back!

Until next time ....Kim

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